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[Sharing] for Notion user who dont have a MIDI device

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[Sharing] for Notion user who dont have a MIDI device

Postby SouLcRusaDer_kA » Sun Dec 01, 2013 2:43 am

try out virtual midi device & virtual midi cable(port)

i use Vanilin MIDI Keyboard & MIDI Yoke
(well i use them when im in library)

midi yoke:

there are many another similar softwares
Google it and find what suit you best
most of them are free

if course it wont be as convenient as real midi device
certainly more efficient than just using mouse to input anyway
hope it would be helpful for you :D
and tell me if you find anything better than Vanilin MIDI Keyboard 8-)

EDIT: you can make custom key-set by editing those layout txt file in installation folder
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