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Stereo volume control for Quantum 2626

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asked Aug 1 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by luisalfredopatinomiranda (130 points)
Hellow Folks,

Im Working with the Quantum 2626 Thunderbolt interface. So far im loving it. I just found an issue with the workflow. While recording stereo sound sources like my Synth Pro3 or my grovebox MC707. I wolud love to have volume control on stereo inputs with just one Knob and not with two. Is there anyway to set both chanels L and R with the same volume? if not i, would  be great for a next update to allow the interface to digitaly control stereo inputs with just one Knob.

Hope you all are doing great, and keep on rocking, hiphoping and technotronic

Greetings Luis.

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