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Sound Engine Upgrade

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asked Jul 30 in Mixing by jordonwilliams (230 points)
The main issue I have with Studio One is the sound engine. In comparison to other DAW's Ive produced in S1 sounds thin and lower in volume. Ive been producing and engineering for years so it's not me, and it's not that the tracks sound bad, but in comparison to records Ive done in Logic, PT and Fl Studio they don't sound as big and punchy at least for a lot of modern hiphop, pop, EDM production its lacking in that area. Even with the Mix Fx on and my mastering chain, I get the same results. I hear the same thin sound from other producers online that use S1 as well. S1 is a great daw and has a lot of dope features that I really love but that sound engine is a deal breaker. If you can get the overall sound or imaging (whatever it is) up to the level of other Daw's or better, it would blow the competition away.

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