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How to record virtual instruments in Studio One 5 professional

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asked Jul 30 in Studio One 5 by karentrump (130 points)
I am trying to learn how to record virtual instruments in Studio One 5 professional.    I have accidentally gotten them to work but can't replicate because I was just randomly clicking everything!  I only say that to relay that the program seems to work properly, I just don't know what I'm doing.    So I dragged the virtual instrument into an existing instrument track or let it create one per the tutorial.  I tried both ways.  Then I played the instrument which sounds ok just with my curser because I don't know how to use the ATO< controller very well yet..  Then I tried  to record by pushing the keys with my computer curser.  The recording function shows up in the track but when I hit stop it disappears.  When I accidentally got it to work, the MIDI window showed up at the bottom and I could see the MIDI data.  However, I can only play the keyboard in the MIDI window at the bottom, not the big one in the upper part using my curser.  I do have all inputs selected.

Please let me know what I am doing incorrectly and how to do this properly.  I really appreciate it because it seems such an easy thing and its frustrating.  I assume I am not activating it properly because the tutorials say to "activate" it but don't really say how to do that.



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answered Aug 2 by stanthompson2 (3,910 points)
Johnny Geib hosts a very good youtube website for studio one with videos for the beginner.

He also has a weekly show at 6pm central time with chat so that you can ask questions.