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Compatible thunderbolt 3 cable with quantum 2626 and other not presonus adat expansions

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asked Jul 16 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by frangime (240 points)
Hello, I have just purchased a quantum 2626 with mac mini M1 Big Sur 11.0. It does not work, blue light blinking.

I have installed UC versions 3.4 to 3.5. Security preferences rebbot set to "enable kernel extensions from supported developers".

I have done everything i have read in this forums and still does not work.

I bought a maxonar certify thunderbolt 3 cable in amazon, but it is not the apple cable. It is the only thing that i have to check, Only works with apple cable?

Will it works with a mackie blackbird working as adat expansión, (mackie blackbird can work as adat expansión) or only works with presonus digimax d8 adat expansión?

Thank you for help,

1 Answer

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answered Jul 22 by frangime (240 points)
Maxonar thunderbolt cable works,
********* ada, mackie onyx works as expansion adat.