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Resizable Macro-bar! VOTE this up so your eyes get not hurted anymore. :)

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asked Jun 13 in Look and Feel by thomaswill (630 points)
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I started customizing my Macrobar with Icons instead of pure non saying text. Personally i find it really exhausting to have a close look everytime to really see what is on the Icon.  

So my feature request for the next update:

Add a resizable Macro-Toolbar. smiley

I mean literally everything in Studio One is resizable and that is GREAT, especially for those with not so good eyes. ;)

Ya so please make the Macro-Toolbar and the Macro-Buttons resizable - so our eyes won't get so tired that fast when we are working on longer sessions. 

I hope you all find that also a helpful and good idea. If yes, PLEASE VOTE this up, so our loved Presonus notices it. 

Thanks and have a nice day. yes

Ps: If there are Questions feel free to ask. wink

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answered Jun 18 by thomaswill (630 points)

Also feel free to COMMENT and show you Opinion or just leave a nice reply. This boosts the request and makes it more visible for the Team. Thanks. yessmiley