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Is there any way to lower the sample rate of an audio file in the song to values like 1khz or 4khz?

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asked Jun 13 in Studio One 5 by maltekoc (120 points)
Hi, I switched from Fl Studio to S1. FL Studio has an audio editor called „Edison“. You can drag a sample into edison, set the sample rate to any value and drag it back into the Fl. I used to lower the sample rate down to 1khz for some elements in my melodies. Is there any way to do that in S1? I found the convert option in the pool but it won‘t go lower than 11k. I also tried the bitcrusher but it‘s just not the same.

Thank you!

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answered Jun 13 by vasilykorytov (10,690 points)
try a LPF (for example, in pro eq). lowering the sample rate to 1k should be equivalent to LPF on circa 500k.