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Big Sur not recognizing Audiobox USB

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asked Jun 8 in AudioBox USB by glennsnoise (160 points)
Since updating to Big Sur, my Macbook Pro won't recognize my PreSonus Audiobox USB. Per the PreSonus website, a driver is not required for Mac OS. Despite that, I downloaded and installed the Universal Control from the PreSonus site, and it still doesn't work. I'm out of ideas, and would be grateful for any sage advice the community could offer. Thanks.

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answered Jul 4 by dean 1 (220 points)
I also have this problem
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answered Jul 4 by glennsnoise (160 points)
According to the Apple Genius Bar guy, with Big Sur (and also it’s predecessor), Apple no longer supports 32-bit applications. As my Audiobox USB was purchased in 2011, it is likely to be a 32-bit device. I purchased a new Scarlet Solo interface, problem solved.
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answered Jul 7 by dean 1 (220 points)
finally solved this problem... missed a step namely allowing my Mac to let studio one use the microphone in m  privacy settings... this set up video worked a charm ...