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How can I block background noise?

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asked Jun 7 in AudioBox USB by dversch (230 points)
Hi.  Not really sure where to pose this question, but since I'm using the Studio 2.6c I figured I would try here.  I installed all hardware and software and everything is working great.  The problem I have is not related to the products, but my PC (which everything is plugged into) makes noise which gets picked up by the microphone.  Is there a product or solution anyone knows of that can help with this?  How does everyone else deal with this, I can't be the only one to experience this.


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answered Jun 8 by wesleypeterson (17,420 points)
Sounds like you might want to look into a quiet case and moving all your PC guts into it. They help but aren't silent. This might help you get started You might want check to make sure all filters are clear of dust, if they are dirty your PC will run hotter/ more fan noise. Check what is making the racket, if it's just one or two fans replace them. If it's the fan on the CPU you can get a heatsink/fan to upgrade that should help your cpu's temps as well as noise. As of course try and move the PC as far away from the mic as possible.
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answered Jun 12 by aka_busker (31,210 points)