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Studio 1824c control Output 1+2 with Main Volume knob

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asked Jun 6 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by (120 points)
Hello Community

I`m new into the world of Presonus and i have a struggle. I brought the Presonus Studio 1824c interface and i have some Problems. I want to use the Main Output for my monitor speakers and the Output 1+2 for my subwoofer. I read that the Output 1+2 shares the audio with the main Output and the Headphones 1. But when i turn the Volume on my computer (Windows 10 64x) all the way up to 100 and control the Volume of the main output with the big knob, only the Main output will be controlled by this and the Output 1+2 will not be controlled and the Volume will be outputted on the maximum without and volume changes.

Can anyone help me or have the same situation/problem?

PS: sry for my english xD


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