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When stop then restart audio in windows audiobox won't output sound

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asked Jun 5 in AudioBox USB by mattcox7 (160 points)
Hi all,
Just got an audiobox 96.  All working fine but if I pause audio playback, be that via chrome or external instrument etc and then come back a min or two later I get no audio output.
The fix is either to change the audio output device and put it back again or remove/plugin the usb to the audio box .

I am running Windows 10 with latest updates to OS and presouus software.

Any advice would be much appreciated

1 Answer

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answered Jun 7 by mattcox7 (160 points)
Would really appreciate any advice on this, it's getting super frustrating.

Sometimes it seems fine but most of the time just going from one youtube video to antoher or stopping and starting a track in my DAW will kill the audio and need me to toggle outputs a few times to get it back.

It like without audio actively going through it the USB port is being turned off or not used in some way. WIndows does report the device as being there and power is fine etc.