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Is there a way to change between double and single piano staff on one part?

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asked May 21 in Notion by vickiwatson (140 points)
I'm using Notion 6 and trying to find a way to switch between double staff piano and single staff on one part within one piece. Is this possible? The majority of the part only needs slash chords and chord symbols, so one staff would suffice, but there are a few bars with written-out notation in both hands. Switching between single and double staffs would save a lot of pages. Any help appreciated.

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answered May 23 by johnbachman (250 points)
I had the same conundrum, and through assiduous experiment and  searching came up with the following solution:  to delete a staff from a double staff (e.g., piano), click the score setup button in the menu at the right-top of the Notion window (3 horizontal lines), then click the cog at the far left of the instrument (e.g., piano); in the little window that appears, click Notation/Tab at the top; below Staff; click on Drum Set (page 11.4 of Web.pdf tutorial) .  You get a single staff with only a drum clef sign.  To get a treble cleff sign, click on the cog again and then click Standard Notation.  I got the treble clef sign this way and assume you can then change it to a bass cleff sign if you wish, by getting the bass clef from the palette at the bottom of the Notion window.

Now if someone could solve my problem of dynamics not changing the volume of an instrument (Mac OS Big Sur, Notion 6.8.1 build 18093)!  Notion deservers very high marks in some areas.  Mine has never crashed, the tutorial is careful to explain things thoroughly.  It's just that they neglected to include some important things.

John Bachman