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Why moves a a created Bus of selected Channels always to the right an out of a folder?

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asked May 15 in Editing by thomashoeflein (490 points)
Hello guys at Presonus and Studio One Users,

When I created a Bus for selected channels ( let's say for 4 Guitars or so  ) the created Bus jumped always out of the guitar folder. But I want to keep the created Bus near the 4 Guitar channels inside of the folder. So I have to move the Bus into the folder again and search for those 4 guitar tracks to put the Bus to the 4 selected guitars.

Do I something missing?

By the way. When the guitars are not packed into a folder, the Bus stays on the last guitar track. Where I want to have it.

Thanks a lot

1 Answer

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answered May 16 by koreymontplaisir (2,370 points)

I assume the newly created bus moves because you have these checked in the mix settings. Click the gear icon, un-check the top 4 boxes.