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Please Update Impact!

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asked May 15 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by joshlevine2 (160 points)
Impact needs a few basic but huge updates. As is now, I feel Impact lags far behind other DAW drum machines.

(1) Make all sounds playable up and down the keyboard. Similar to Akai's 16 keys. Using Impact for 808's – a standard in many forms of music – is pretty useless without the ability to play it in key.

(2) Enable each drum sound to easily have its own instrument track without having to create extra instrument tracks (which still all drum sounds on the track).

(3) Allow drag-and-drop from a folder onto the pads. I know this works on other systems, but it does not on Mac running Catalina or Big Sur. (When you switch from S1 to a system folder, Impact disappears...even when pinned.) Unless there's a workaround I don't know for this?

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