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Crackling and popping noises all the time with Presonus Studio 24C on Windows 10

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asked May 14 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by marcusconrad1 (130 points)


I need support to the sound issue (crackles and pops) that is happening all the time since I have bought my new notebook ASUS VivaBook Core i7, 8GB memory, 256GB SSD and the audio interface Presonus Studio 24C. Anytime I play something (e.g. YouTube, MP3, play guitar on the Studio One etc.) a crackling e popping audio happen.

I have read all the posts in this forum and tried chance the buffer block or any setup related, but it did not work. The audio sounds like the same vinil crackling and popping audio.

My Presonus Studio 24C is conected to Yamaha HS5 monitor and I use for home studio recording.

What test do I have to do?

What setup do I have to check up?

Is it a driver issues on Windows 10?

In my old notebook (Samsung RF511) with Ubuntu and even with Windows 10 this problem did not happen.


Marcus Conrad

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