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SHOW PAGE - patches change to next song at end of current song.

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asked May 14 in Studio One 5 by carlchimi (660 points)

In the Show Page, when a song ends, patches (such as live guitar patches using Ampire) always change at the END of a song to the patches that start the next song. Is there a way to turn that off? That does NOT work for our show.

 In my opinion patches should never change until the user wants them to. I can't even understand why a patch for one song would suddenly appear at the end of the previous song. I see songs as discrete entities.

One specific problem this causes us is that some of our songs are played to a click and backing tracks until NEAR the end, then the outro to the song is played completely live. That means it's impossible to determine precisely when the actual "end" of the song would be along the timeline. The Show Page is calling up patches that contain Presence and Ampire patches that are meant to be played live. The way the Show Page is now, those Presence and Ampire sounds can change radically right during the live outro. We can't use the Show Page like that. There ought to at least be a switch to turn off calling up patches for the next song at the end of the current song. I can't imagine we are the only band for whom this is a problem.

Thanks for any help you can give. Really, this should be fixed in the next update, as the way it currently works arguably makes no sense.

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