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MOXF Editor VST3 won't play in Studio One 5

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asked May 12 in PreSonus Sphere by kylestephens1 (130 points)
I've been trying to make my MOXF Editor VST work in basically ANYTHING other than Cubase, but I'm sensing it's just not possible. Studio One 5 Pro just found it installed on my computer and added it to my Instruments library. I can load everything, refresh, change settings, but nothing will play. Whether I'm connected with my MOXF6 keyboard or not, it will not play. I can click a key on the editor with my mouse, no sound. I do this with other VST's I've installed and they run just fine. Has anyone had experience with this particular VST and figured out how to make it work for Studio One? I see no reason why it shouldn't, but Yamaha and Cubase seem to have an exclusive deal to this day. Calling them up on the support lines just gets me passed to different departments where people scour through the manual to no avail and then I'm just told they'll call me back. I really just want to use the voices available to me from the keyboard I spent a lot of money on, but after years of trying I still have no luck. I'm really hoping someone on here has an answer. Thanks.

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