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total audio newbie who got audiobox usb 96 and got bunch of software but don't know what I need or don't need

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asked May 12 in MyPreSonus Questions by kathychin (120 points)
Plan to use AudioBox usb 96 with old analog mixer to get condenser mic signal into computer via usb. Haven't even plugged it in yet and already overwhelmed by all this software that apparently came with product. Don't know what I need or don't need yet because I'm just starting out. Do I need studio one version 1 or version 5? Must I use it, or will audiobox see something like an Adobe program? Because I have an old XLR condenser mic, and equally elderly analog mixer, got the audioBox just in case I wanted to use it all some day for Zooming, Streaming, etc. with small m1 Mac mini

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answered May 12 by wbqltuuk (1,540 points)
The software bundle it comes with is mostly focused on musicians.
I guess if you want to do streaming and zooming only, Studio One is kinda overkill. It's also a pretty steep learning curve, since there are simple programs that do this for you, like OBS Studio. (For desktop streaming) or Twitch, or... etc.

Not saying you shouldn't. But do you need it, as a beginning streamer? No.
Should you? Yeah, if you love to explore the theory of audio editing. Would it make you better? Absolutely. Even a basic understanding of audio editing is a good foundation for streaming or perhaps marketing yourself online.

All the other software bundle inclusives, you can register all of it and save it for a later moment. Or when you decide not to use it, maybe you can make a musical friend very happy with it.  It's totally up to you.  My advice: Save it for later, until you have a certain basic knowledge and want to move on. Because the goodies are actually really good to be just thrown away.