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Why do you sell an expensive Faderport for DAW control, but for rack mixers we have to mix on a touchscreen??

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asked May 10 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by ard-janbarnas1 (270 points)
The Faderport line is marketed as having physical controls for your DAW, but for the StudioLive rack mixers there is no such control surface and it is marketed how great it is to use a touchscreen surface to control the mixer??

I would buy the 32R in a heartbeat if there was a physical control surface ala Faderport. (or something like the PreSonus CS18 that was discontinued).

I don't want to play live and have to mess with a touchscreen, or if I do want to use Faderport, I'd have to load my instruments first in Studio One (or other DAW). That defeats the purpose of the rack mixer in my opinion, especially when used as a standalone mixer.

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