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Thunderbolt port to StudioLive III Mixers to connect Quantum series audio interface

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asked May 10 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by ard-janbarnas1 (270 points)
This request stems from my search to find a 48-64 channel mixer with a small footprint and one that has the actual physical inputs on the mixer (like analog desks used to have), and since we're talking "Pro Audio", has at least a 24/96kHz bitrate core.

PreSonus used to have the RM AI series (that even offered a fader-wing for control of your rack mixer without need a computer/DAW) that had 96kHz, matching channel/input count. Another thing we lost with the newer series, is the ability to buy add-on cards/adapters for the mixer.  We can't buy an optional AVB, Thunderbolt, or Dante card, so we're stuck with a USB 2.0 port that only support 48/44.1kHz. Now, if the answer is: "48kHz" is good enough and all you need, then WHY do the Quantum series interfaces offer 96kHz and 192kHz!?

Then I looked at the StudioLive rack series mixers, but those are also 48kHz max. and cannot be controlled with physical faders, unless I connect it to a StudioLive console.

I can connect a MOTU interface over AVB to a StudioLive mixer, but then again... the bitrate support goes down from 192kHz to 48kHz because PreSonus mixers don't have the bitrate they once offered.

In this digital age you'd expect to be able to connect the audio interface using either AVB or Thunderbolt to the mixer (because yes, physical faders ARE much nicer than using a mouse or a glass touchscreen). Imagine... one simple cable to connect all that high quality audio to your mixer over a bi-directional, digital connection (because the high-end audio interface that you paid lots of money for) already did the A/D conversion.

Another option could of course be to update the AD/DA converters in the StudioLive series to higher bitrates and add 2 Thunderbolt ports. One port for connection to the computer/DAW, one port for expansion with an audio interface. Or a combination of AVB/Thunderbolt.

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