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Integrated Workflow from Produciton to Mastering

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asked May 10 in Look and Feel by davelucas1 (130 points)
One of the frustrations with professional music production is the difficulty in managing a song through the process.

It would be great if StudioOne had an integrated workflow. So you woudl create your song and then be able to walk it through the steps with the push of a button. And also easily go and make a change in an earlier step.

Steps would be:

1. Midi/Audio Production

2. Mixing

3. Mastering

The software would take care of all the steps required to move to the next level, like exporting stems, mixdowns etc...

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answered May 10 by aka_busker (31,770 points)
This feature already exists.  For example, when you have a song file in the mastering suite, you are able to select one of the stereo tracks, open the song in song page to edit and then update the mastering project from the song page.  Joe Gilder's Youtube channel has a good video in how it works.