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Feature Request - AWS or Azure Compute Integration

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asked May 10 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by davelucas1 (120 points)

One of the challenges we all have with DAWs is the lack of computing power. This is a constant frustration which leads to time wasting activities like freezing tracks, exporting stems etc... Also it means for a project that you have to export it from production to mixing to mastering. Further your creativity is stifled by not being able to use all the desired plugins in a track. And it is a big pain when at the end of your master, you discover that you need to change something in production and then follow through on all the exporting again.

Both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure has an inordinate of amount of computing power in the cloud. It would be great if Studio One could be linked to an Amazon Compute or Azure Compute instance which offloads compute to the cloud.

One way of accomplishing this would be to have some form of stream based connection from Studio One to an AWS/Azure server, which then provides the compute power.

Here is some useful background info:

Would it be possible for you to please add this as a future feature?

If you have any questions, happy to assist where I can.


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answered May 10 by tothrec (20,640 points)
I think the amount of bandwidth it would take to transfer 50 tracks of 24-bit 48kHz audio to the cloud would outweigh the benefit to the additional horse power.

Is there a reason you are reluctant to use the money for a more powerful machine?