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Marking of notes in a scale on the Querty Keyboard

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asked May 7 in PreSonus Sphere Feature Requests by danishveersingh1 (840 points)
I use my laptops keyboard for making beats and it works fine but sometimes its hard to remember all the keys in a scale while using the virtual keyboard which appears which after pressing '' ctrl " on my laptops keyboard . So i think it it will be easier to know about the keys in the scale when they are they are marked in the virtual keyboard as well , like they are marked in the piano roll.

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answered May 9 by joelhayes2 (140 points)
I don't have the answer to this, but please allow me to learn from you as well if you are so inclined.  I have a Maschine +, but along with many others from what I've gathered through multiple forums, it is a common issue.  I have a MacBook Pro OS 10.14.whatever, which is Mojave.  The issue that many of us are facing is that Maschine+ is not allowing us to use it in it's Controller function.  As I was browsing for an answer to a question that wasn't related to this, I saw immediately that there is indeed the possibility of using the Keyboard as a sort of midi controller/interface/I'm not as smart and well versed as a lot of people, but hopefully one day lol, and this caught my attention instantaneously.  I obviously will look for the answer, but I'm curious if you use Mac or PC, and now I am also curious if pressing Ctrl on either would have the same effect....OH LOOK A PURPLE TREE...that's me laughing at my ability to wander so proficiently lol My name is Joel.  I am new to PreSonus as a DAW, but I have purchased a number of their products throughout the years and have not been disappointed.Back when I was still able to use my Mid 2012 MacBook(which is the year Apple, imho, ruined it us poor folks who worked hard and saved every penny so we could fairly easily upgrade our existing Hardware in or to update to the newer software.  Maybe this was some kind of genius idea, but to me it was a way to ensure that the end user would have to continuously spend more and more money in order to keep using many great existing items, be them whatever that large consists of, and stuffing their pockets while forcing to either switch to a PC because it's all we can afford, or in my case, wait almost 10 years to finally be able to budget properly and save in order to get something that I'm praying stays viable for many years to come. Can you only use the Keyboard function of which you speak if. you have Spere as well, or is it a standard StudioOne option?  See I used Ableton for many years and probably will still use it, however, that does in large part depend on whether StudoOne can do many of the same things as Ableton, albeit in a similarly different way, and if you have to purchase more and more and more to be able to do things you can accomplish in even the lowest form of Ableton. I find it is a wonderful thing to have many musical acquaintances with knowledge that can be shared and distributed amongst people who share the same or at least similar endeavors and/ or are just cool people who love music and talking to people who do as well.  If you would like, and I think it'd be cool if ya did, I'm gonna hope that my email shows up in a way that you can see it, only because it will make it easier for me organizationally to Add Musical acquaintances/friends/a great deal many people with much more knowledge and understanding who will I hope be willing to share.  It is my personal favorite way of learning through talking to others with experience, because I find that it usually helps me correlate knowledge from other areas in my life to the musical knowledge I seek, and therefore becomes more solidified and sticks better than solely reading from a manual, though I do read those as well....except StudioOne, though it is giving me the option to so far to the point that I can click the button to download, but when I do.....well, it's like ED....It's supposed to, but it just won't.  Thanks for letting me share and in no way answering your question,