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How do I select MIDI Channel other than Channel 1?

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asked May 5 in Studio One 5 by paulsmith10 (140 points)

A newbie question... I'm using Personal Orchestra (Garritan) in Studio One and have Violin set to CH 1 in Personal Orchestra and Viola set to CH 2.  I've recorded MIDI tracks for each separately but when I press play in Studio One, both instruments sound on MIDI Channel 1 only.  Shouldn't I be able to click on something in the Track 2 to switch it to MIDI Channel 2?   I need to be able to control the volume on each instrument individually.

I actually want to take this further by adding more Orchestral Instruments.



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answered May 5 by wesleypeterson (18,290 points)
It's been a while so I might be off a little, but if you click 'inst' on the bottom left side of the mixer. You can expand your synth. It should show various channels and when you put a check in the box next to them S1 will create a track for that channel.