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Looking for some Linn and Simmonds samples sounds to use in Impact XT with Studio 1 please ?

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asked May 5 in MyPreSonus Questions by nickheffer (130 points)
Hi - looking to have some fun recreating stock aitken and also prince type songs - can anyone please suggest  a source of suitable drum sounds - preferably to integrate inti Impact please .Ideally there is already a presonus product I can buy?



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answered May 11 by aka_busker (31,610 points)
Hi there,

Please look at this pack.  It's called "The Goldbaby Drum sounds".  I use it in ImpactXT when I want that sound.

There are 808 AND 909 sounds.  Stock Aitkin and Waterman used that sound quite a lot.  So much so there's an on going joke of "this track features Roland on drums" for people of a certain vintage.