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Hardware effects routing question before I buy a 32r

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asked May 3 in StudioLive Series III by paulwinterbourne (130 points)

I am seriously considering replacing my Soundcraft MTK24 with a Presonus 32R purely because the Soundcraft only has 5 aux channels and 24 inputs. I have a fair amount of external hardware effects and although rigged through a patch panel, I am finding that 5 just isn't enough especially when you have to plug the steroe returns back into the main channels which eats up the 24 channels.

I did quite a lot of research on possible replacements and the Presonus 32R looks ideal but I am struggling to find information on if it can do the same kind of routing.

I need to be able to route say a channel in Flstudio (or any other daw) to an output (lets say channels 5 and 6 on the presonus) and then route that audio through the aux outputs (lets say aux 1 and 2) on the Presonus, then through my hardware effects and then return the audio back in through another pair of channels on the Presonus. Is this possible?



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