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SOLVED: Remove, enable or disable multiple plugins in the same insert row

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asked May 3 in Studio One 5 by OneFingerSnap (1,230 points)
edited May 3 by OneFingerSnap

Pretty new to Studio One so I might be missing something here…

If I select a few tracks in console and then drag a plugin to any of those tracks, the plugin gets inserted on all selected tracks. I was wondering if there’s a way to also remove, enable or disable all plugins in a single row. If I select a few tracks, right-click and choose remove in one of the selected tracks I was expecting all plugins in that row on the selected tracks to be removed (or enabled or disabled), the same way I can do a single drag to add a plugin to multiple tracks. However, only the plugin on the clicked track gets removed.

Is there a way to do this?


SOLVED: Rookie mistake on my side. On some tracks I was able to simultaneously change all plugins and others not. I realized that the ones that weren’t working were assigned to a group. After disabling the group I was able to affect all the plugins in a row at once. Forgive my ignorance here.

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