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Midi notes are cutting off when another note is played rather than sustaining.

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asked Apr 26 in Studio One 5 by caleblewis5 (150 points)
I am creating my drum track using Impact and have found that when I hit the cymbals they only sustain for a short period but cut one when one of the other drums are hit (ie midi notes on the tom drums, snare drum etc).

This issue is not happening every time, but only most times. Somehow the cymbal seems unaffected by some drum hits, but will simply cut out when a certain drum hit occurs. Yet I remove that drum hit the cymbal rings as per normal.

Thus far I have been unable to determine any pattern as to why certain midi notes are causing the cymbal to stop ringing yet others don't impact it.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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answered Apr 28 by aka_busker (31,210 points)
Hi there.  

It could be a number of things.  Two that spring to mind are checking your aftertouch settings for the instrument you are using.  Just to make sure you're not filtering aftertouch.

As for the Impact instrument, the pads you are playing could have "choke" enabled.  This means if you play a pad then follow it by another pad, the second sound will choke or silence the sound.   Very useful for multi-timbral drum samples set to velocity.  Choke works in groups.  So you can have, for example, a hi-hat open sample played closed hi-hat sound, and have the open sound "choked" by the closed sound, stopping the sound being unnatural.  

You don't mention which pack you are using to compare the issue, so I can only leave you these two suggestions.