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Can Quantum be connected to a Thunderbolt 4 port ?

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asked Apr 26 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by sellone (210 points)
Hi guys.

I am about to get my new Windows PC, which is based upon an AMD Ryzen 9 5950x and the motherboard ASUS ProArt B550-Creator which provides natively Thunderbold 4 connectivity via Type-C connectors.

I am also in the process of selecting my new audio interface and I was looking at the Presonus Quantum. I know that it provides Thunderbold 2 connectivity and I was wondering if it can be connected to the Thunderbolt 4 port of the motherboard without issues and which cable I should use.


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answered May 5 by johnhenry15 (190 points)
I have a March built intel pc, with  the ASUS ex4 thunderbolt card.  I am also trying to connect the quantum 2626 interface, but I've only managed to get the blue flashing light. UC won't recognize quantum.
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answered Jun 22 by radar23 (1,870 points)
I hope so.. just bought a Asus laptop with TB4... testing tonight... fingers crossed.. since I had previously good fortune with TB3 to TB2 to FW400  I'm making a big presumption Tb4 will good backwards via the apple TB3 to tb2 adapter...

will post my result asap..

ps if it doesn't work the laptop is going back to the shop..
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answered Jun 22 by sellone (210 points)

Hi everyone. A quick update on my side. I have been able to successfully use the Presonus Quantum2626 with a Thunderbolt 4 connection on my Windows PC. The motherboard ASUS ProArt B550-Creator works as expected. The only issue is that I have to have the Quantum turned on BEFORE I switch on the PC, otherwise it doesn’t get recognized. In other words I cannot do a hot plug and play, but apart from that it works with a very low latency.

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answered Jun 24 by radar23 (1,870 points)

Update... To my horror my new laptop did not even let me plug in a Thunderbolt device without hitting the BSOD....  took a while .. but found a newer driver on station-drivers  

Anyway... no more BSOD with this driver and the Quantum come ups nicely in UC and S1, no pops or clicks... working perfectly so far..

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answered Jun 28 by gross115 (180 points)
Hey radar23 - what driver did you end up getting that solved your issue?  I'm having a ton of issues with my Gigabyte Aero 17 with TB4 and my Quantum.  When I connect through the StarTech adapter directly to the TB4 port on my laptop I get nothing, no acknowledgement of a connection at all.  Then, after connecting a TB3 dock and trying to connect the Quantum to an extra TB3 port on the dock I get instant BSOD, restart, instant BSOD, on a loop.  

Hoping support can figure out a solution, my return window is closing, and I really don't want to go through setting up yet another PC so soon.
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answered Jul 2 by gross115 (180 points)
Figured I'd plop this here and make it easy to find for the internet since I had so much trouble, and hopefully some one else will benefit from my findings.

If your Thunderbolt 2 Presonus Quantum won't connect to your Thunderbolt 4 PC (in my case a Gigabyte Aero 17 HDR XD) check your driver version for your Thunderbolt port (open Thunderbolt Control Center, click About in the menu and look for controller driver version).  I had version 1.41.1094.0 and my device was either not recognized at all when connected to the TB4 port via a StarTech TB3 to TB2 adapter, or when the StarTech was connected to a TB3 dock that was connected to my TB4 port, I would loop in BSOD over and over.

After find driver version 1.41.1134.0 on and updating through Device Manager, the Quantum would FINALLY connect - but only through the TB3 dock.  Still nothing happens when connected directly to the TB4 port on my PC.

Hope that helps some of you.