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Trouble with Midi Send On Studio One 5

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asked Apr 15 in Studio One 5 by crooktc (190 points)
Im having a bit of trouble sending midi pattens to my Alesis Hr-16 drum machine from Studio One 5 through a midi out of my Saffire Pro40.

I have synced them, the Alesis is receiving information and making sound. In some instances it is playing a drum pattern for a whole few bars.

However, Studio One seems to be dropping carting midi notes out and its playing extremely stuttered and sparse hits within the beat. Like a sentence missing words.

Thie interesting thing is if I move the midi pattern around on the track timeline, it plays better for longer at, for example, 40 bars as opposed to 15 bars, then if I move it to 60 bars it could be way worse.

It seems to be a studio one problem and what midi info is being sent is patchy and not the interface or the drum machine.

Any help? Cheers

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answered Apr 17 by tomslowcat (3,220 points)
Hi. What buffer size is your ASIO/proprietary audio driver set at? I've noticed that if you have set a rather high buffer size (like 512 and above) the MIDI clock and other MIDI messages sent out can start becoming erratic and cause sync issues with external gear.