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Can the FireStudio Project have a driver for macOS Big Sur ?

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asked Apr 15 in FireStudio Series by joeycastro (160 points)
recategorized Apr 15 by -Luis-
I was pretty disappointed upgrading to the Mac OS Big Sur and see that my persons fire studio project  was no longer working with my MacBook Pro. I cannot downgrade back unfortunately. But, I really hope Presonus can create a patch to keep this mixer alive on the new MacOS. I would be extremely greateful!

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answered May 13 by joachimsoufflet (190 points)
I'm a 4 times owner of those great soundcard. Working very fine and would feel sad about changing it for the only reason that there's no software update.

Presonus guys, I would literally pay money to get a Mac M1 driver for the Firestudio project.

Let's make it happen !

Lots of love
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answered Jun 2 by raktimsen (340 points)
I cannot upgrade to Big Sur because it Firestudio Project which I love! Please, Presonus, make it happen!