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Not an idiot first thing I did

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asked Apr 9 in Studio One 4 by lesralston (180 points)
I have already done that three times over. Work in IT.

I know this might be a little crazy but just for a second admit to yourself that this issue exists and it is not caused by the user, but presonus and then through that lense reassess the issue.

I was just experimenting with amplitude and the latency appears an hour later in the bass track 20 minutes then the midi.

Didn't change anything tried 9 different audio interfaces 2 of them presonus.

The fact is that a lot of us are having this issue and in every case presonus refuse to provide real time actual support or even acknowledge that an issue exists which we feel proves that they are more worried about financial complications by admitting accountability than doing the right thing by the consumer.

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