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NOTION 6.8.1 very slow responsiveness on macOS Big Sur 11.2.3

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asked Apr 1 in Notion by mikeknott1 (130 points)
I have installed Notion from Sphere on my MacBook (I have also installed Studio One 5, which appears to run perfectly) and I have an issue with very poor responsiveness.

The interface often doesn't seen to register trackpad clicks at all. Especially when I choose items from the Toolbar such as Show/Hide Piano, or Show/Hide Drum Library nothing happens until I scroll the screen slightly, whereupon, the tool appears immediately at the bottom of the screen. Without adding that additional touch  of the scrollbar, nothing happens. I often have to click twice on all buttons to activate the feature. The Fretboard is particularly hopeless: some notes refuse to appear/sound then others will.

Basically, everything seems to work but with awful responsiveness. Reminds me of back in the day when I had 4MB of RAM in Windows 3.1.Unusable at the moment.

Other programs show no lag at all, even Studio 5. I have Notion on my iPad and iPhone: works fine on both.

Anyone had experience of this and hopefully a solution?


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answered Apr 16 by usvwlflt (200 points)

Same here. It's insanely laggy and impossible to work with. 
I click to add a note for instance, and nothing happens for several seconds. 
Or if I click a string on the fretboard, I never know if it registered the click or not. The sound plays after a bit, then 5 seconds later maybe, I see the blue dot on the fretboard.

These are my specs. 

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answered May 15 by jancanrinus (200 points)
Go to full screen or choose Show scroll bars =  always in macOS system preferences-general. Worked for me.
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answered May 18 by cedrickivits (230 points)
Going to mac system preferences -> general -> show scroll bars = always also worked for me!

Thank you !! @jancanrinus!!