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Overwhelmed with options

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asked Mar 24 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by robertcaputo (120 points)

I'm looking to build a small recording studio.   Purchasing a Korg unit, working on exactly which one soon.   But when looking at all the audio interfaces and options there are, even with recording can get quite confusing and overwhelming.  I'm not a professional but enjoy to sit down and be creative and write some songs.    I'm looking for an interface that can be connected to a keyboard , microphone, guitar, bass, etc. and want software that is the most intuitive with the ability to record easily, use the hardware that's on the interface for ease of use if possible and easily sent to friends for them to record their parts.   

I'm sure I'm not he first one to request this , but I could sure use your help.   

There are so many interface options and USB options so your help is appreciated.

I plan to use a Windows PC for recording.  unless you guide me to a Apple product.   Not sure.

let me know



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answered Mar 26 by olebrockmann (300 points)
Hi Rob

I am using a Mac mini - late 2012 as it is upgradable, which later Mac mini's isn't.

The main reason for this is tha small footprint of the machine itself and the low power consumption

this particular machine has 8 cores and 16 GB Ram and it's running great with Studio One.

Besides from this I run a Focusrite 6I6 2nd Generation audio interface, but even though I like it very much, I would go for a PreSonus interface next time, as my 6I6 has a boring tendency to scratch when I tour the volume knob.

Basically any interface would do, I think the IoStation 24c looks promising for convenience, though it's not super cheap

And then there is the Presonus AudioBox USB 96 25th Anniv Ed. super simple and well designed, I am familiar with the AudioBox USB 96 and it's a great little box.

anyway, have a nice weekend and good luck in your quest for studio gear :)

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answered Mar 28 by brianwilliams16 (160 points)
If you have a guitar center in your area I recommend visiting them and telling them what you are trying to do and get some advice from a rep there.

Hopefully this helps