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Rendering slower than real time

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asked Mar 24 in Studio One 5 by radosawdoliski (550 points)

Couldn't find this question anywhere else so here we go :)

My renders in my main template got really slow lately (even 3 times slower than realtime). I suspect some plugin or instrument causing that but really can't find the cause of that and eliminate it. Is there a way of checking what may cause this without completely destroying my template?

EDIT: When I was writing this my Studio One crashed on me and I run it without Windows Audio Support option and my render is 1.6 faster than real time again. O.o

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answered Mar 24 by risotto (2,150 points)
selected Apr 1 by radosawdoliski
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Normally the significantly slower exports come from oversampling settings for export. Some plugins support different oversampling settings for real-time playback and offline export.
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answered Apr 3 by radosawdoliski (550 points)
Thanks! That seems to be the problem. That was pretty much a session where I tried some funky stuff with oversampling. I disabled all the oversampling options in plugins and the export went back to normal speed.

Thank you!