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When is Studio One going to support the M1 silicone Mac's?

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asked Mar 18 in Studio One 5 by ianbarton (200 points)
Rosetta eats into the M1 Silicone internal SSD & reduces the longevity of the hardware. Rosetta is not a viable workaround for music production, dedicated support & customer update is needed from PreSonus please.

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answered May 29 by brconflict (1,940 points)
I'm currently running an M1 most basic Mac Mini Apple offers, and just managed a session with 50 instances of Waves Abbey Road Plates, which my 6-Core i7 2020/2018 mac mini w/32GB of RAM and an eGPU cannot handle. BUT! It crashed in the process.

I'm with you on getting S1 to run natively in Big Sur on an Apple M1. YES, let's vote up M1 native support. After all, Logic is there. ProTools won't be for years at the rate they seem to evolve. heh.