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Save presets in Sound Variation (Studio One 5.2) is not available...

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asked Mar 17 in Studio One 5 by cividavi (160 points)
The current situation makes me very frustrated. The new Sound variations function is great, but the save and update functions are almost useless, you can’t save them.

Studio One Pro 5.2 on MacOS 11.1,plugin in AU/VST2/VST3. Saves are failed.

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answered Mar 21 by cividavi (160 points)

Hey guys, if you have problem like this, here's one method to solve this problem:

Make one accessible path like:

.../Studio One/Presets/User Presets/Key Switches/Anything like(UACC)

then the save and update function will be available in the Sound Variations Editor.


@PreSonus Official plz fix this problem by adding the path below when install or startup the software.

I solve this problem from checking the Studio One file system in Windows 10 like:

C:\Program Files\Studio One 5\Presets\User Presets\Key Switches\UACC\...

However the file system in macOS does not exist such a path.So If this kind of folder doesn't exist, [BUTTON:Save Preset & Update Preset, in Sound Variations Editor, Studio One 5.2 GUI] will point to 

.../Apps/Studio Presets/Key Switches/UACC/...

That's why error occurs.