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Make Studio One handle swapping audio devices more smoothly.

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asked Mar 17 in Mixing by michaelreust1 (1,800 points)
I'm doing most of my work on a Surfacebook laptop running win10- not the ideal DAW machine, I know, but it's what I've got, and when work resumes, I also have to travel a lot for work.  Sometimes I want to do editing and composition in a more comfortable position than fully upright at the mixing desk with monitors, etc, in times when either I want to check on consumer speakers, or work at the coffee shop, and absolute reference quality audio isn't critical in many of those cases, if I'm just chopping up/aligning things, or composing parts. Also, the surfacebook has an annoying thing where if you look at it the wrong way, it will disconnect from the base, and thus the USB connections and graphics card.  Currently, Studio One handles this very badly, often crashing the software if you get a momentary disconnection from the base, but also always interpreting not being connected to the full console as some kind of technical emergency- and you've gotta close and reload the software, then go through error dialogs, wait for it to boot up, and then you've gotta go through a long list to choose the console you have again, every time you reconnect it to the mixer.  There has GOT to be a smoother way to handle this transition!

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