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Add the possiblity to attach/freeze one or more channels to make it always visible (like in Windows Excel)

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asked Mar 16 in Mixing by Annibale Hexe (3,640 points)
It would be really nice if we had the ability to attach/freeze one or more channels so that it's always visible like the main channel.
For instance : I always use a SubMix channel, and I always want to see it in the far right, next to the main channel. If I right click on that channel and if I have a button to "attach or freeze" it, like in Windows Excel (freeze a row or a column), it would be extremely helpful, especially when you have many channels. Some could want to attach/freeze the sends channels for example.

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answered Mar 18 by Daw Stew (7,320 points)
great idea, i said the same thing to Gregor on a recent livestream. Hope they implement this feature.
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answered May 23 by Georg_Koeln (160 points)

maybe "freeze" is not the right word for this. I think, "attach to the right" would be more on the spot.

I also want to be able to "park" my Busses and FX-Channels on the right side, directly next to the Main Out.

(Seen from the right: Main Channel - Busses - FX-Channels and then the Audio- and Instrument-channels with a scrollbar, when there are many of them and the sight gets larger than the monitor width.)

Greeting, George