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Preference toggle to disable "Note Editor remembers last piano roll / view state on a per-track basis"

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asked Mar 14 in MIDI Editing by sdinoia (790 points)
In Studio One 5.1.1 they introduced a "fix" to:
Note Editor does not remember last piano roll / view state on a per-track basis

Since then i find it impossible to work in the midi editor because every time i create a new track or switch to another region i have to zoom in to a level where i can see note names, while up to 5.1.0 i could set the zoom level i wanted for the midi editor and then freely create new tracks, switch between different regions, edit multiple events, all without having the midi editor constantly jumping back to the default zoom or whatever was te latest for each of the midi regions i was working on.
Can we have the old behaviour back or at least a toggle in the preferences so that we can choose whether or not we want to have the note editor remember last piano roll / view state on a per-track basis?

I think that that this was not a "fix", it was a feature and it affects the workflow of midi editing in a big way by slowing down the whole process of multiple tracks midi editing, so i think it should at least a preference to check on or off

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