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Question with regard to the selected Record Mode

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asked Mar 7 in Studio One 4 by fschmidt (5,530 points)
edited Mar 9 by fschmidt

Can someone explain to me the Record Modes?

I don't understand why I can have both
"Replace" and "Takes to Layers"
active. Shouldn't it be either, or?

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answered Mar 8 by tothrec (20,940 points)
Because they are mutually exclusive.

If you choose Takes to Layers, your last take will be the one you hear, thus "replacing" the previous.

The difference is with Takes to Layers, you get to do some comping.
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answered Mar 9 by fschmidt (5,530 points)
Thanks for your answer. Still don't get it though.
Maybe I wasn't clear:

What's the difference between having
only "Takes to Layers" active and
"Takes to Layers" + "Replace" active?

My thinking: Either you record different takes
or you replace (overwrite) the last take...