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How can you customize Pads on Atom for Presence XT Sounds (not all notes in an octave)?

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asked Feb 28 in Studio One 5 by krollb (250 points)
I have an Atom pad controller running on Studio One 5.1 Pro (Sphere).  I am a drummer who wants to add some hand percussion (e.g. congas) tracks to my mixes after recording live drums acoustically.  I have used the Atom to do that successfully with the Presence XT Latin Percussion instruments, but the pad mapping on the Atom is awkward as a drummer (the drums are in the "wrong" place on the Atom).  My goal is to group together on one "octave" of pads a custom mapping of the latin sounds I want on the one pad layout that is also comfortable and natural to play.

I understand how to change the pad to note mapping within the Impact XT settings for Impact XT sounds, and I can also change the midi mapping within Superior Drummer (and I assume other Toontrack products like the Latin Percussion Sounds if I were to purchase them) on the software side to "fool" the Atom.  

But I have not been able to figure out or find online how to change the midi note mapping of the pads on the Atom for the Presence XT instrument so I can use the Presence Latin Percussion sounds laid out in a comfortable way on the Atom.  Is there a way to do that, either by importing the Presence sounds into Impact, or is there a mapping feature within Presence that I am missing?  Thanks.

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