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Is there a way to output to two hardware devices from Studio One 5 Pro?

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asked Feb 17 in Studio One 5 by sunshineridge (120 points)
At our church, I have the audio running on one Mac and the video on the other. The audio guy is monitoring via a Scarlett 4i4, but we also want to send a feed from the audio computer to the video computer - ideally digital. I have a Dante AVIO USB-C adapter and our whole system is running on Dante. But in the I/O of S1, I can't configure a second output device. Is this possible?

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answered Feb 20 by tothrec (20,890 points)
I have two Lynx Aurora 16's and can output to both, so it can be done.

What device/interface card on the audio computer does Dante plug into?  Or does the Scarlett support Dante?