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Need 32 inputs for recording + Live Sound on a Big-Band

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asked Feb 16 in StudioLive Series III by jacquesreuter (170 points)
Pre-sale question
Want to use a StudioLive 24R or 32R for recoding in the studio and make live sound for a full Big-Band. Will need around 30 Inputs for everything.
Is it better to get a 24R with a NSB Stage Box i(16 or 8) n the middle of the Band or get a 32R with an regular stage box snake ?
Or will even the 16R with a NSB 16.8 be enough to use 32 inputs ?
I^m new to the AVB business, so excuse my perhaps silly question.
What about the actual status of Mac M1 compatibility ?

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answered Feb 20 by tothrec (20,940 points)
Why would you consider the 24R if you need 30 inputs?  The first sentence of the description is:
"PreSonus StudioLive 24R 26-Input"  (I didn't dig into the possibility that the stage box would somehow extend the number of inputs for the 24R).

So - you need the 32R.  (unless the cost savings of 24R and the NSB make the hassle of not having 32 native inputs worth it)

Now for the snake.  I'm guessing the same math will apply.  Channels/Inputs are typically in sets of 8's or at least 2's.

So if you say you need 30, you need 32.

Without budgetary or other factors, it seems pretty clear.