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Routing Audio - Stage to Mixer to PC

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asked Feb 11 in Computer Based Recording & Production by istamvct (180 points)
New to sound mixing.

We use 2-3 wireless mics, 2-3 wired mics, an AUX cord hooked up to an iPad, an AUX cord hooked up to a drum machine, a piano, and a guitar or two for 90% of our services.

What is the best way to route mics to our snake to our board? Do we need pre-amps for mics or only the other inputs? Which inputs would work better with preamps? We have some type of boxes on the guitar, piano, and AUX cords, some type of converter from TRS or 3.1MM to XLR. Is that sufficient.

Any info to help clean up our sound would help, we're looking to upgrade our system and switch out dated hardware if we need to get a better sound for our livestream and local copy recording (to be played on radio at a later date).


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