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Can we implement a "Secure" stop of recording

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asked Feb 9 in Recording by wolfgangfrei (150 points)
I am a quite new user of studio one 5 pro. When recording a life show or making a recording in the studio it is very "easy" to stop recording if I press the SPACE key on the keyboard or if use the mouse during the recording on a second screen. Is there a possibility to have a kind of "armed" stop of recording? I would appreciate to be asked at least once if I really wanna stop the recording (maybe this option could be selectable). My fear is that the musicians made a perfect performance and by chance I stop the recording and miss a "magic moment". Maybe it is already implemented and I just don't know how to activate this.
I moved from Cubase to Studio One and I really like this DAW. Thanks for your help and stay safe.

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