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Continuous play/record auto scroll

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asked Feb 6 in Look and Feel by Chuck37 (270 points)
The current auto scroll feature show the "current time" cursor moving across the page of music and then when it gets to the end it loads a new page and the cursor jumps back to the beginning (left).  When using this feature while playing music (either play or record) it is useful to see markers and changes that are coming in the future, but they can sneak up on you if they are right after a page boundary. The desired feature is for the cursor to remain fixed near the left of the screen and have the music move left so a constant amount of future music is visible.

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answered Apr 10 by Lukas Ruschitzka (230,040 points)
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answered Feb 7 by tothrec (20,940 points)
Cakewalk and Pro Tools allow you to configure the auto-scroll behavior between:
1. jump to next "page" (this is how S1 does it)
2. keep the song position in the middle (constant scroll)
3. scroll as soon as the song position reaches the right edge (constant, once it reaches the edge)

Good feature to add!
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answered Feb 9 by michaelcollins (580 points)
If you are recording and you are trying to play using the Chord track (Bass lines, chords, power chords, soloing) you can't see the next chords coming up once you get to the very right of the timeline, so you have to stop your jam and then move the cursor to where you stopped.  An option to have the autoscroll keep the cursor in the middle would let you always be able to see the chords coming up.
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answered Feb 22 by ASarian (170 points)
Totally got my vote on this one. When you try to record everything in one take it is a very nice feature!
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answered May 2 by charliegannon (150 points)
This would be very appreciated.