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Is it possible in S1 5 Pro to change beat (from 4/4 to a 5/4 measure for example) in a song?

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asked Feb 4 in Studio One 5 by massimocastellett (210 points)
there are songs that have changes in beat, for example in a 4/4 you have measures of 5/4 or 2/4, etc...Examples are "a day in the life", across the universe", good morning good morning (all by the Beatles)...I just wrote such a song, but I don't know how I can record it!..

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answered Feb 5 by LucasTX (1,710 points)
selected Feb 6 by massimocastellett
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Hi, in the main track screen you will see an icon to open up additional track options - such as the marker track, arranger track, and most importantly for your question - the signature track.  The signature track will likely indicate 4/4 as the current time signature. Go to the beginning of the measure where you want the time signature to change to 5/4 then click the "+" sign on the signature track. That will allow you to enter the new time signature. Of course, you will need to enter another time change at the point where you want to return to 4/4.  I find sometimes that a song I've written has a time change in it - and I don't notice the time change until I start recording and see that a particular bar has an extra couple beats.

I hope this helps.