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Why do I get mono signal on a ********* PM1 that is connected to the output of a Studiolive 24R.?

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asked Feb 2 in StudioLive Series III by alexmartinez46 (120 points)
I'm using the 24R as a monitor mix controlled with Studiolive 32SX? I have 12 outputs on the back of the Studiolive 24R. I'm using a ********* PM1 as a in-ear monitor, but I only get sound on one side of the headphones. To connect the PM1 I use a 1/4" TRS to XLR male. But if I connect the same cable to the headphone output into the PM1, I get sound on both sides of the headphones.

Is the signal from the 24R stereo or mono? Should I be using a  1/4" TS to XLR? Please advise.

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