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Improvement Request - CPU performance

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asked Feb 2 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by kisnou (2,600 points)

I would personally like to see a great improvement in terms of CPU Performance.

I think that being able to work smoothly is extremely important. With a fairly good setup, 32gb of DDR4 RAM, AMD Ryzen 9 CPU (+ Studio One is even installed on a nvme) sometimes Kontakt Multi Instruments or even plugins cause some huge CPU spikes.

I have tried multiple settings, reinstalling, dropout settings and buffer sizes, but it just doesn't work..

Of course I have also read the guide to improve the performance by Presonus as well.

I am sure that other users can confirm this, so please share your thoughts on this if you want to help, or upvote.

1 Answer

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answered Feb 25 by brianlawler (520 points)
I was disappointed that they closed the earlier CPU improvement requests.  S1 5.1 still performs very poorly compared to Cakewalk and Bitwig.  Both of those run 2x to 5x the plug-in load that S1 does on my AMD 3700X machine (before breaking up).  I think Presonus see audio handling as their audience (as opposed to VST instrument performance).  S1 may be the best if you are content to use only audio, and pre-render all VSTi stuff. Take a look at Cakewalk- it has really improved since Bandlab bought them.  You can't beat their price for a "trial" that never ends :)